The materials in this database are current as of their indicated creation dates. They will not be updated to reflect changes in law or national policies. Please do not rely on any statements as to the state of the law in the materials without checking for updates in the law.

PLE Materials - Tanzania

TitleCategoriesFile SizeFile TypeLinkdoc_categories_hfilterfile_type_hfilter
Service provider contact information #2, 4 MBpdfple-materials tanzaniapdf
Obligation of a husband to consult his wife when transacting with property, 456 KBpdfple-materials tanzaniapdf
Contact for info on land ownership issues, 496 KBpdfple-materials tanzaniapdf
Report pollution, 729 KBpdfple-materials tanzaniapdf
Find out about the responsibility of companies to communities in your area, 816 KBpdfple-materials tanzaniapdf
Service provider contact information, 347 KBpngple-materials tanzaniapng
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